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Setting up the User Forum

For the last six months I’ve been an active member of the OooForum , but a number of the more active members became a little with the guy who is the owner / administrator of this Forum. The main reasons are that he is reluctant to share the burden of the system administration and maintenance of the forums, but at the same time has little or no time to do this himself. The result is that the system is not running on obsolete and unsupported software and the forum is experiencing major performance problems which make using it a real pain.

So Sun have kindly offered to provide the infrastructure to enable an user community to set up its own set of forums within the domain. After a lot of discussion and preparation, the first of these forums is now on line ( User Forums). The first forum is English, but it is our intention to support other NLs in the future.

I am one of the site administrators.

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