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Rounding off the use of TinyMCE for WYSIWYG editing

This is a follow-up a previous article, which described how I use the TinyMCE editor for comment and article creation.  However, at the time of writing this, there were four items left on my to-do list relating to such rich-text editing:

Using the new PHP Compressor

The new compressor makes use of the PHP 5 object model and implements a class TinyMCE_Compressor.  This new design entirely removes the need to do any dynamic loading of Javascript and allows the full server-side marshalling of the code needed to load an editor.  As I described in the previous article, you still need to build a small per-page configuration script which calls the tinyMCE.init() function for that page; however this is now stored on the server in the route directory for the TinyMCE editor.  The class implements three methods:

Put these together and the only thing that you need to configure is the corresponding tinyMCE.init() function for each page on which you want to implement an editor. No more tinyMCE_GZ.init() calls. Easy and fast to load.