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The EggBlog Adventure

As I said in my About preamble, I want to have a blog-site with the primary purpose of supporting my interest in the OOo programme.  However that being said, I also decided that I wanted to have the flexibility to tailor and modify my site as I wished, also as a worked example of using a modern LAMP environment.  Luckily I already have a proper hosted web site, so it was really just a case of selecting the package and beginning.

So how did I go about selecting the base blog package.  I started by listing my criteria:

Given these, I logged onto SourceForge; selected blog packages by descending numbers of downloads; ignored anything but blog host packages; discarded the multi-user and file based ones;  ditto any which seemed to have no evidence of recent update and floated to top.  On the plus side it pretty much fitted all of my criteria: MySQL based, with a reasonable install base, and simple enough for me to quickly get around the code, so hats off to the authors.  However, the ease of modification turned out pretty essential as I started to use and to tailor it to my needs.  I  found that there were some pretty annoying limitations that I needed to code around.  The main areas that I've been working one so far are:

Still to do: