Terry's Blog Engine Version 3.1.0
Efficient performance on a shared hosting environment

I have done various tuning studies that I have written up as blog articles and which relate to the drivers for my adopting this architecture including the following:

Have a browse if you are interested, but the key points from these are:

What I had set about doing is to create a framework where I can achieve these objectives whilst at the same time not compromising application coding structure and simplicity. The following sections describe the components which help achieve this objective.

Source processing

I have administer a number of phpBB forums and became familiar with its use of a templating engine (which I discussed in more detail in this article) and stategy of code compilation into a cache directory. As I discuss in the preceding section, I also identified a need for code aggregation for performance reasons and I also use dynamic code generation for my HTML parsing engine. I decided that by systemising such an approach in my application framework, this would simplify and rationalise many of these issues, as well as deliver performance dividends in a shared hosting service environment.

In practice all runtime code is executed from a cache directory and a "build" hook is used to transform the original source version:

Such an approach might seem to be rather convolved on first consideration, but it has proven to be extremely flexible, effective and efficient:

Examples of where such loaders are employed in this blog application include:

My Templating engine

TBC. See TemplateBuilder.

HTML caching

TBC. See A lightweight HTML cache for a Webfusion shared service.

HTML and CSS optimisation


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