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I decided to implement my own blog in 2006 and in this early article I discussed why I chose the Eggblog blog engine. However, I was disatisfied with some of the Eggblog features and I disliked the Eggblog V4 implementation, so I decided to do was a total rewrite of the blog engine as a programming project. This project of implementing my "Version 2" engine became the theme of many blog articles. However during its first year's use I realised that there were many aspects of the architecture that in hindsight I would have done differently, so I have now developed this Version 3 as a full refactoring with various enhancements to clear off this bucketlist.

One item on this bucketlist was that I was unhappy with the standard of documentation in my engine (even though it was better than that of the FLOSS packages that I've worked with). I have used Doxygen on previous projects, so I decided to adopt it for this PHP-based project. I have been extremely satisfied and this documentation set is the Doxygen O/P. However I also had some other key goals for Version 3:

The corresponding sections referenced in the above list give a general overview and discussion on this aspect of the design, with the meat of the code-specific documentation covered in the Class List

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